Real Biergarten experience in Augustiner, Salzburg

We stumbled upon “Augustiner” completely by chance and were super pleased about it later. Salzburg is a very picturesque and a laid back town that will completely enchant you by its pristine beauty. Its one place i would definitely want to visit again. I felt as if i was lost in a fairytale here and it honestly took my heart away. On this particular day we started our day by visiting the historic and stunning Hohensalzburg fort.

The forest trail from the fort

After admiring the view from the top of the fort we were delighted to find this very beautiful and green forest trail that looked so mystic and inviting for a dekko and maybe a stroll . We randomly started following the trail moving downwards from the fort; by the way we were the only two walking and wondering where we are headed. After walking for about 15 minutes, the trail took a right and so did we which brought us to a narrow cobblestone street, the first thing we noticed were two playful dogs having a good time on their evening stroll. Being dog lovers we were enjoying the moment when a casual glance to my left led us to a very exciting discovery and a tradition filled evening. The signage of the Augustiner Braustubl housed in an old monastery dating from 1621!  I remembered reading about this place before we left for our Salzburg holiday so I told my husband that we should definitely check our chance discovery. We entered the place from a small wooden door which seemed like a back door entry…we had to walk down a couple of stairs before we started hearing some music and as we went further we were greeted by the biggest Beer Hall we had ever seen. An absolutely fantastic place which could accommodate 1500 people..WOW!. The outer area had lots of good choices of Food Stalls serving all kind of local food.



You must experience this self-service beer hall. It has been in Salzburg since 1890. To get your beer you will have to go to the cashier and collect a token. After that you will go to the other side and pick up your Stein Mug (1L &.5L). Then traditionally you are expected to rinse the mug and queue for the beer that will be taken out from the barrel. The beer is aged in wooden barrels that were used to age bourbon and that’s why the flavor lasts all the way to the bottom of the mug.


My husband did this entire exercise while I grabbed a table for us as the place was quite crowded with the locals. We did not see many tourists here…mostly a lot of old timers catching up on good old days.We grabbed our beers and dunked it enjoying every bit of the experience soaked in the Austrian culture.The beer of choice on cask, during our september visit was the Augustiner brau Kloster Mulln which is a very popular style lager during that season. Its a mild beer with a nice sweet bitter aftertaste. Jus so you know the most common beer to be found in Austria is Stiegl (littel step)


Now about what you can eat from the Food Stalls- pork knuckle, sausages, sauerkraut cabbage, roast and potatoes.There are several food vendors serving from spare ribs, fish, chicken, sausages,salads, cheeses, bread rolls, and sweet treats like apple strudel and donuts. Just a tip, the outdoor sitting area is filled with smokers, non smokers are relegated to indoor halls, which are quite beautiful.


Great atmosphere, great food, great place, great food! What else could you possibly look for?!!If you are looking for true local experience then this is the place to be… an attraction that should not at all be missed  A must, if you happen to be in Salzburg!



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