Stunning Grinzing Wine Village of Vienna


Cozy wine taverns “heurige”await you in the woods of viennese village ‘Grinzing’ which is located on top of a beautiful hill. Im so happy that we made the call to visit Grinzing as its like no other place. It has its very own distinct character. From Vienna if you decide to plan a visit, you can take the Strassebahn/tram no. 38 from Schottentor up to Grinzing, it will take you 20 minutes to reach here.

We were holidaying in Vienna for 4 nights in the month of September and out of the blue we decided to visit the “Heurigen”. We did a day trip and totally cherished it as it was superbly relaxing and refreshing. We were greeted by a sleepy, slow fascinating village which offered wonderful looking wine cafes, narrow streets, quaint by lanes and very pretty houses to look at. The village was a complete contrast from the buzzing and lively streets of Vienna. By the time we reached Grinzing it was 11am. As luck had it, the temperature during the day was around 18 degrees so it was very pleasant and i remember we thoroughly enjoyed walking and exploring the secluded vienesse woods.


At the cafes here, traditional Viennese grapes are improved with modern, careful cellar technology to make outstanding fine wines. We entered one of the restaurants which looked super inviting with wine barrels placed all over its roof and very green and peaceful atmosphere. The village clearly had a harmonious connection with nature which could be felt in the restaurants here.


The real “Heurigen” operate under the “Wiener Buschenschankgesetz” of 1975 and are very proud of it. At this green “Heurigen” we tasted the local austrian wine and were delighted with it. We complimented the wine with a delicious Chicken dish and potatoes.


Their is so much of character in Grinzing. The village is captivating, rejuvenating for the spirit and very charming. It is important to spend atleast a day here to soak in the vienesse tradition, wine and culture.


10341942_10152781940119288_1739104952206917925_nWhen in Grinzing, i would recommend that you also visit Kahlenberg which is further up on the mountain. People usually visit to enjoy a beautiful view of Vienna from the restaurant which is at the edge of the mountain.You can take bus no.38A which will take you to Kahlenberg. There is also a charming parish church here which you can visit if it interests you.


Even if you have 3 days in Vienna and if you enjoy drinking wine, i would highly recommend visiting  Grinzing for some splendid time.

What to do in Grinzing –

  • Enjoy the numerous Heurigen, visit one or two to get the flavor of the wine and the culture.
  • Visit  Kahlenberg to enjoy a breathtaking view of Vienna.
  • Visit the parish church which is located in Kahlenberg

How to reach from Vienna –

  • From Vienna if you decide to plan a visit, you can take the Strassebahn/tram no. 38 from Schottentor up to Grinzing, it will take you 20 minutes to reach here.

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