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Sooth your soul at Kurumba Nature Resort

Have only 4-5 days in hand?  Head to ‘Kurumba Resort’ to sooth your soul!


I love being in nature, I love being lost. Im so glad this trip happened. One evening over coffee my friend spoke about how she missed her hometown which happens to be the small quaint hill station of Coonoor. What a nice hometown to have! She was not getting a chance to plan a visit so without any convincing I being a great friend, happily volunteered 🙂  and voila that’s how we started planning for our lovely 3 nights sojourn  to the beautiful hills of Coonoor in the south of India.

Kurumba Nature Resort
with Nitya created some amazing memories

Im so happy that my friend mentioned ‘Kurumba Village Resort’ for the trip…the resort is famous in its own way in the south of India. The website looked super enticing and without a second thought I booked us a nice cottage to enjoy the trip literally in the lap of nature.



We were thrilled to arrive here after a 2 hours flight from Mumbai to Coimbatore followed by a 2.5 hour road journey for which we had booked a taxi from the resort itself. This was just last month in September 2016. Its advisable to book a taxi from the resort  as the place is hidden in the lush green forest, its not that easy to locate.




I was so looking forward to rejuvenate my senses and to immerse myself in to the tranquil atmosphere of this place. From the moment we stepped in the place exuded quiet and peace. We were greeted by the warm staff of the resort who were eager to answer all our questions. After a smooth check-in we took a leisurely walk to absorb the natural beauty of this secluded place.



You can just marvel at the untouched beauty of this place. Its commendable how intricately the place has been designed to create a harmony with its natural surroundings and the animals. The place has a warm connection with nature. Hidden away in the jungle the resort is blessed with enchanting mountains, lots of greenery and adorable monkeys.





We loved our abode for the next 3 days….it was a lovely cottage tucked away in the corner. The view from our balcony was captivating. I just loved crossing my feet there to stare into the oblivion towards the mystic mountain which made me feel so calm and relaxed.





I was mesmerized when I saw the outstanding infinity pool at the resort. The pool is the heart of Kurumba Resort. For me this was it…I could just sit there and dream on. I loved the thoughtful design of the pool, how it was secluded in one corner and surrounded by nature encouraging anybody spending time there to develop a happy bond with animals and mother nature.



One of the days we indulged in full body spa also. A very good decision i must say as the routine and the therapist were amazing.


The meals at the resort are to be enjoyed at the in-house restaurant which is open from all sides to enjoy the best view of the jungle around. All the meals were included in our package. I was amazed to see the variety served on a daily basis. They follow a buffet system with a good mix of vegetarian and non veg dishes prepared in authentic south Indian style. I quite enjoyed all my meals there.


Please do remember to carry your own alcohol as they only serve beer at the resort and for that too the stock is not always available. Its pleasurable to sit out, relax and enjoy the drink while having a conversation with nature and the monkeys around.

Its amazing to create such beautiful fond memories, the trip ended at a wonderful note. We felt totally in sync with ourselves. I would love to visit Kurumba again for another relaxing holiday.

Things to do –

  • Take it easy, relax at the pool, enjoy the spa.
  • Book a taxi and visit Conoor which is about 45 minutes away from the resort.
  • Visit a Tea Plantation and buy some tea.
  • Visit the restaurant where the movie “Kapoor and Sons’ was filmed. Beautiful location to enjoy tea or a meal.

Website – http://www.natureresorts.in/kurumba

Cost for 3 nights – Rs.31552/- for the cottage room.


3 thoughts on “Sooth your soul at Kurumba Nature Resort

  1. You’ve penned down ur experience so beautifully and the pics on the blog makes one feel the place.. Do keep sharing ur experiences.. All the best Shikha!


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