7 Things To Know About A Luxury Cruise Holiday

My First Cruise Experience was onboard the mesmerizing ‘Costa Atlantica’ – a modern luxury cruiseliner in 2013. It was an elaborate 10 days trip cruising across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. I remember being so excited about CRUISING . Waking up in a new city every other day, watching the landscape change without moving the luggage and getting access to all kinds of food and entertainment under one roof does make cruising a stylish and a practical holiday option.


Weighing in at 85,700 gross tonnage with accommodation for up to 2,680 total guests, Costa Atlantica is a wonderful ship dedicated to Italian cinema and arts. As tall as a 20-floor building, Costa Atlantica offers a surface area about 20 times the Olympic Stadium in Rome…..IMAGINE that. It has a total of 1,057 cabins, including 678 with private balconies (64% of the total cabins) and 58 suites.The ship was huge just like a beautiful floating 5 star hotel.

1) Why a cruise Holiday?

The biggest advantage is that its a hassle-free holiday. Mostly everything is on a ‘all-inclusive’ basis which includes your flights, food, excursions and a fantastic stay equipped with luxury amenities. Its a world of fascination and exploration. What else do you want?

You can tailor the holiday to be as active or as relaxing as you want. You can select a cruise itinerary that has places which are slightly off beat which you ideally would not plan on a land vacation.


2) First impressions?

The ship was captivating and very grand. It was oozing luxury and i was astonished to see how huge it felt from inside. The lobby was the first thing that i saw after stepping inside and it was so beautifully done up, it was sparkling.

The ship was an amazing work of art designed to enthrall the guests.


3) What to do on a cruise?

Life in the cruise has no boring moments. There is a wide range of entertainment options throughout the day. Once you reach the port of call you also have the option of taking the city excursions to visit the place however there are boarding hours to respect and it is important to be mindful of time.

My favorite area on onboard the ship was the open deck. I truly enjoyed spending time there at peace with myself and surronded by water. During the day the deck was buzzing and in the night more quiet. Its an amazing feeling to just sit  with a glass of drink on the deck and watch the world go by. Its these very moments that sooth your soul and make you feel one with the universe.


4) What about food?

There is no shortage of choice in terms of food, drink and entertainment. Costa serves world cuisine and to top it many of its sailings also has a Indian Corner serving Indian food specially for the Indian travelers.


5) What I enjoyed the most?

The world class shows in the evening, the spa, my balcony cabin and most of all the places that i visited.Discovery of new cities was very thrilling for me.From my itinerary I had picked up 2 excursions  – one was the ‘James bond island’ in Thailand and the other one was the ‘boat ride in the Mangroves of Langkawi’ Both the experiences were mind blowing as everything from pick up to drop was arranged by the cruise.



6) How is the accommodation?

I was certainly happy with my abode, tastefully done up cabin and a fantastic spacious balcony to wake up to a beautiful infinite view every morning.


7) Any hidden costs?

  1. Internet access is expensive, I recommend trying to catch wifi signal once you’re in the city.
  2. Paying for drinks. Make sure you take this into account if you enjoy drinking.
  3. Booking the excursion onboard to see the port of call….please keep some money for this also.

Costa Atlantica is the living expression of a dream and I cherished every moment I spent on it. Im certain i will plan a cruise vacation soon with my friends and family and so should you.

Some Facts –

  1. USP of Costa Cruises – Kids below 18 travel FREE. They only pay for the taxes.
  2. About Costa –  Costa Cruises is an luxury Italian cruise line in existence for last 60 years. A Costa holiday is a combination of sophisticated and a elegant vacation with the spirit of its Italian heritage. Their motto is “Cruising Italian Style” and they truly live up to it.
  3. In India, Costa is headed by Ms.Nalini Gupta. I have had the pleasure of working with this very smart and interesting lady for a brief while. She is the woman behind promoting Costa in India along with her efficient team, encouraging people to try a new way of holidaying via Cruising.
  4. Website – http://www.costacruise.com/B2C/EU/Pages/default.aspx
  5. For bookings contact the Costa Office based out of Andheri West –  022 6179 2300

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