10665697_10152773658234288_5942935828071200283_n (1)I love travelling, always have…my name is Shikha and I currently live in Mumbai.I remember doing lots of road trips with my family during my growing up years and they were always fun. Im free spirited, open minded, creative person who totally believes in the power of universe and mother Earth.

My love for travel has only grown as the years have passed. I did my first backpacking trip back in 2008 when I visited Thailand and Malaysia for 20 days and that was it…the beginning. When im not working as a marketing professional, im travelling or thinking about my next destination. I love planning for my trips myself. I love to read, search, compare and plan my holidays in the most unplanned way building on the anticipation of a fulfilling holiday.

At “her heart on travel”, I want to encourage people to travel more, be more independent and exploring. There is nothing more liberating than travel. Travelling helps to open up our minds to so many unbelievable things and cultures.

On my blog, I share my personal experiences, real stories about every place I have visited, the kind of food I have savored, the people I met, my thoughts on different cultures, amazing pictures that I clicked and anything else that motivates me to write.

If you want to discuss your stories or contact me for any association then you can get in touch with me on my gmail, instagram and twitter handle also.

Twitter – @shikhalal3

Instagram – Shikha.verma lal

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